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Ways Selfies Can Make Your Life Better

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It’s rare to read an article about selfies, without criticism and threats. If taking selfies still seems weird to you here are some ways you can use selfies to make your life better:

Inspirational Moments Selfies:

Take a selfie with something you think is beautiful or inspirational or inspires gratitude—a garden, a sunny day, a fresh cup of coffee, or your child bringing you a drawing made just for you. Memories of experiences are stored in multiple neural networks. By looking at the picture again you can transport yourself back to the moment. The image can trigger all the sensory experiences that go along with the moment—such as the feeling of the sun, the smell of the coffee, the color of the flowers, what you were wearing, how your emotions shifted, the sense of love and joy welling up inside you.

Inspirational Moments Selfies Inspirational Moments Selfies Inspirational Moments Selfies

BFF Selfies:

Selfies taken with a friend can be lots of fun. When it’s your best friend, you’re creating a chronicle that will be a shared treasure. You’ll be able to look back on your adventures and relive the reasons you were BFFs.

BFF Selfies BFF Selfies BFF Selfies

Rock the Gym Selfies:

Use selfies when you are making change. Create a selfie journal to document your progress—working out, training for a marathon, healthier eating, getting to bed earlier, looking for a new job, getting over a bad relationship, whatever. Even if you think there’s nothing to show, you will be surprised to see how much your forward progress shows in your face.

Rock the Gym Selfies Rock the Gym Selfies Rock the Gym Selfies

Thank You Note Selfies:

Use selfies as thank you notes. Someone send you a new scarf? Take a selfie of yourself wearing the scarf. Someone send you a new recipe? Take a selfie with the results.  It shows that you really DID like it.

Thank You Note Selfies Thank You Note Selfies

Mood Bomb Selfies:

Use selfies for improving your mood. Take a funny selfie with your cat, dog, parrot, horse or fish. See if you can still play a good air guitar. The act of creating selfie will do the trick. Happy content spreads more than negative content and happy people attract other happy people. When you make new friends, they might as well be happy ones.

Mood Bomb Selfies Mood Bomb Selfies

Big Moment Selfies: 

If it’s okay for Barack Obama to take a selfie at Nelson Mandela’s memorial or a NASA astronaut to document a walk in space, it’s okay for all of us to document our big moments. Who knows how many times you’ll be standing in front of the Grand Canyon or the Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Big Moment Selfies Big Moment Selfies Big Moment Selfies

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