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Jurassic Park or another selfie trend?

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Technically, “selfies” have been a thing since the camera was first invented back in the 1800s. But only recently have selfies become so mainstream that you probably can’t get through your day without seeing one. It’s even hard to find a “run of the mill” selfie these days with all the new poses and selfie-taking techniques being invented on the daily. It feels like every day a new posing hack hits the web and convinces us to step up our selfie game. At this point in your life, you’ve probably tried every selfie face known to man and posted it on Instagram (or, if it wasn’t Insta-worthy, sent it to your bestie on Snapchat).

Kardashians selfiessparrow face selfie

You’ve mastered the duck face thanks to the Kardashians, fish gape, and sparrow face — but have you tried T. rex hands? Huda Kattan, queen of Instagram beauty trends and selfies, recently shared with her followers one of her favorite selfie poses that she named after Tyrannosaurus rex, and it’s pretty much as amazing as it sounds.

Tyrannosaurus rex selfie Tyrannosaurus rex selfie Tyrannosaurus rex selfie Tyrannosaurus rex selfie Tyrannosaurus rex selfie

You might not have heard the pose referred to as T. rex hands before, but you’ve definitely seen it. You bend your fingers like a claw and position your hand over your chin, hair, or even forehead. Huda said she thought of the name because “if you zoom out and you do it to both hands, you look like kind of like a T-Rex.”  Feel free to get creative with the T. rex hands selfie. Bite the tip of your thumb. Bite your pointer finger. Heck, cover up half your face with your hand. It doesn’t matter! As long as your hand is on your face somewhere, you’re killing the trend.

If you don’t believe that T. rex hands is actually a thing that people do, check out the below celebs doing their best dinosaur pose in selfies.

All the celebs are doing it. It’s a real thing! We swear!

Pretty Little Liars actress and model Shay Mitchell used her T Rex hand to show off.

Shay Mitchell selfie

Kim Kardashian is called the Queen of selfies not in fain. She’s always in trend.

Kim Kardashian selfie

Singer Demi Lovato has also found that a T. Rex hand on her jawline allows.

 Demi Lovato T. Rex selfie

Another singer who wants to be in trend as well. J Lo doesn’t waste a minute.

J Lo selfie

Nicki Minaj and Selena Gomez do not lack behind their colleges.

Selena Gomez new selfie Nicki Minaj new selfie

Can you imagine that not only female celebrities want to be on the top of selfie’s wave? Chris Brown also has a T-rex hands selfie!

Chris Brown selfie

Practice with your own paws during your next selfie session to be in trend. And remember it’s always a great way to show off your nail art!

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